The Benefits of a Texas Chapter Membership

The Realtors Land Institute (RLI) is the largest and oldest professional organization of land specialists in the nation. It exists for 3 reasons; networking, education and certification resulting in professional competence and integrity.

Networking. The Texas Chapter is the largest in the Realtors Land Institute. Its members are some of the elite in the state of Texas. As a member, you will have the opportunity to meet these folks in person at social events, business meetings, conferences and educational courses. This is how business gets done, land professional to land professional. 

Education. We offer excellence in land specific education taught by the best practitioners in the business. Check the Education page on this site for upcoming local and national offerings.

Certification. The RLI certification program involves the awarding of the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation based upon a rigorous program of experience,  successful completion of numerous educational courses and passage of a comprehensive examination.

Integrity. All RLI members are required to adhere to codes of ethics required by state licensing and the National Association of Realtors. Additionally, all ALC members are bound by an additional rigorous set of ethics.

Members of the RLI, and particularly, those holding the ALC designation represent the the top echelon of land professionals in Texas.

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Categories of National Membership

In order to join the RLI Texas Chapter, you must first become a National RLI member. This will ensure you get full access to RLI’s member benefits as well as stay informed about the latest organizational and industry news.

The REALTORS® Land Institute offers different categories of membership to ensure that each member’s needs are met to the fullest. There are two main membership categories:

  • Accredited Members – those who have earned the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) Designation
  • Non-Accredited Members – those who do not hold the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) Designation
    • Institute Members – those members who do not fall into one of the other Non-Accredited Member categories (below).
    • Military Transition Program (MTP) Members – this program is available to veterans whose service in the military has ended within the last five years and are now looking to build or enhance a career in the land business.
    • Associate Members – those who are industry service providers, partners, and other non-real estate professionals that are engaged in endeavors related to the objectives of RLI but who do not aspire to hold the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) Designation.
    • Student Members – those who are attending high school or an institution of higher education and are interested in the land specialty and a real estate profession but are not yet licensed as real estate practitioners.
    • Emeritus Members – those who have made outstanding contributions of personal time and effort to the Institute at the national or chapter level, have had continuous membership in RLI for at least twenty years, and who are at least seventy years of age.

What Our Accredited Land Consultants (ALCs) and Texas Chapter Members Say

Norma Carlton, ALC

Joining RLI provided the Education & Knowledge I needed to produce the level of confidence to thrive in The Land Real Estate Arena. The ALC designation offers our clients the dedicated & experienced level of service they expect & deserve. The networking opportunities & relationships you build within RLI are invaluable. I encourage you to join and sign up for a committee to serve, it will be the best move you ever make!

The Best is Yet to come,

Norma Carlton, ALCCarleton Real Estate Group

Categories of Membership